reimagine customer & client relationships through

the valued experience®

a service design framework for transformative business impacT.

You've been working hard.

You've been serving clients and dealing with customers.
You're pouring over balance sheets and tinkering with future growth ideas.
You've celebrated successes and also considered letting it all go.
You know this is the entrepreneurial experience, but can't help wondering...
"Is there something I'm missing here?"
You're still not feeling the growth you thought you would.
Maybe you've plateaued or are finding it hard to keep all the plates spinning.
You're unsure how to keep it all going sustainably and can see cracks forming.

Here's a question for you:

What are you experiencing right now in your business?

Irregular or Low Income


lacking support

little to no leads

stuck and/or disconnected

no sense of direction

These experiences are producing an impact that isn't supporting you.
Every situation produces an outcome that affects every aspect of your business.
And the truth is, your customers and clients feel it. 

we live in an age of unending choices.

Consumers have a plethora of options to choose from.
It's not enough to have an incredible product or service anymore. As a business owner, it means you must provide something more - something memorable and different.

Consider this: Why do people travel an extra half an hour to get their oil changed at a specific mechanic when they could easily go down the street to the local lube shop? 

The answer lies in the experience.

The key is in providing an exceptional consumer experience that not only keeps them coming back to your business, but turns them into a witnessing army on your behalf.

word of mouth is a powerful tool.

The question is: what are people saying about their experience with your business?

hard facts:

Over 50 percent of customers will switch to a competitor after a single unsatisfactory customer experience.

89% of consumers have switched to a competitor after a poor customer experience.

Companies that excel at customer experience grow revenues 4%-8% above their market.

Customers who have a positive experience are 140% more likely to spend than those who have a poor experience.

Consumers will pay a 16% price premium for a great customer experience.

82% of companies agree that customer experience offers a competitive edge.

These stats might now surprise you...
Maybe you are actively working on your customer experience by hiring more customer service reps.

Maybe you've been striving for good customer service and feel with AI, things will get better.

Maybe you have loyalty rewards programs (or any other traditional customer experience solution).

So, why are you still experiencing a lack of growth?

Could it be that traditional customer experience solutions aren't working anymore?

Curious to know why...?

They are focused on the TRANSACTION vs the HUMAN.

Let's explain.

current approach

to customer experience design

A business creates a new offer and sales commence.

Sales occur and some customers are dissatisfied with offer.

The experience is expected to be salvaged by customer service.

The Issue

We've all heard the expression: "It's not personal, it's business." Usually, this statement is used at the precipice of something happening that will benefit one person and cause another to lose. First, this mantra is not only incredibly harmful, but its origin isn't even from reputable business education or sources. Do you know where this statement came from? The phrase was made popular by the movie, The Godfather, but, it was coined by Otto Biederman. Who was he? Oh, just an accountant for American organized crime. Yes. You read that correctly. At the end of the day, this is the real issue. People lean on this statement that is rooted in one thing: greed. Top it with self-interest, and you've got the source of the real issue with most offers. They are motivated primarily by the financial benefit instead of the actual outcome.

The Problem

 Let us be clear: you didn't go into business to be a charity (unless, of course, you did). But - somewhere along the way, we've lost the simple understanding of what commerce was: a mutually beneficial exchange of buying and selling. Somewhere along the way, the selling became sleazy, pushy, manipulative, and bordering the realms of theft. Profit margins became the only thing that matters and buyers started becoming wise after being burned over and over again. Now, they are familiar with these tactics and go into transactions "armored" up, looking for any sign that something is not quite right.

The Solution

Let's be clear: business is personal. If you don't think so, you're limiting yourself, your business growth, and you're part of the core problem. Why did you go into business? Do you care about it? If it succeeds? If it fails? If you don't, then there is a place for you to start. Most business owners would say, "Yes! Absolutely!" Your business is personal to you. Now, if part of the equation in business is to have a buyer and a seller, and the customer is a necessity to have a business, then why would they not also equally matter to you? The solution begins in understanding that the customer is part of that personal equation.

The traditional approach to business has been largely focused on the transaction, rather than the human experience.

It has caused a disconnect between businesses and consumers and has made it difficult to form meaningful connections.

In order to keep up with the changing times, businesses must make the effort to understand their customers on a personal level and build relationships that extend beyond the sale.

In order to keep up with the changing times, businesses must make the effort to understand their customers on a personal level and build relationships that extend beyond the sale.

By emphasizing the human aspect of business, companies can create lasting connections with their customers and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.


The Valued Experience® - a service design framework that transforms the way businesses connect with their customers. 

With a focus on understanding the needs and desires of your clients and customers, our unique "walk-a-mile" method builds empathy, improves retention, and grows trust - all while strengthening your brand and business relationships.

new approach

to customer experience design

offer audit & assessment

In order to have a successful and mutually beneficial experience, it starts with a transparent transaction. Our main objective is to ensure that the products and services offered meet the needs of both the buyer and the seller. We start our process by conducting a thorough audit of the business offer and examine all aspects of the product or service from the perspective of both the business side and the consumer side. We delve deep into the full experience to build a clear understanding and identify all individual touchpoints, allowing us to start thinking about how each person plays a role in the overall experience of the offer. This critical step shows every gap and problem area that might exist inside your business, not only within your offers. Think of this as the intake and testing process when going to the doctor to investigate a health issue. It will get you a full picture of what is happening from each angle and allow you to take the next step.

Journey mapping

Most effective sales strategies are not one-size-fits-all solutions. In order to create a lasting impact, you need to dig deep and examine every detail of both your customer's journey and your own internal team journey. This is the most important piece of our framework and is often overlooked or separated out. Our walk-a-mile-method involves exploring every touchpoint experienced within your offer from both the buyer and seller viewpoints. This yields perspectives that can uncover potential pain points, friction and areas for improvement. Through Journey Mapping, we are able to identify the moments that matter most to your customers, your team, and then can come together to design strategies that are tailor-made for your unique business needs. This process provides a truly personalized, human centric approach to your business that not only drives revenue but fosters long-lasting loyalty, brand advocacy, and powerful business impact.

experience design

Once you have all existing experiences documented from the audit, assessed, and have mapped every touchpoint that currently existing in your offer structure, it's time to create your optimized experience. Together, we begin to paint a picture of new touchpoints that can be created to improve the experience of your offer for both the buyer and seller. With a clear vision of what we want everyone to experience, we create visualizations that anchor new ideas in an approachable, holistic way. This leads to greater alignment and understanding across the organization, helping to create a more consistent and cohesive business experience. This experience design builds out an optimal, strategic plan that will act as the new foundation for how you conduct business. It creates the blueprint of your optimized offer.


Our final phase of the walk-a-mile method focuses on what happens after the sale of your optimized offer. We create a point of alignment and north-star that should drive all future interactions. If your optimized offer is crafted and sold effectively, using out walk-a-mile methodology, the post-transaction experience should be one that leaves your consumer shouting from the rooftops with praise. Good reviews and testimonials should be coming to you without prompting. Impact design evaluates if everything crafted up until now is actually delivering benefits to consumers and provide healthy team morale and business offers are revised accordingly based on these findings. When examining impact, you create a filter for evaluating new offerings and to determine if they support the value promise, leading to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

It's time to revolutionize how we do business.

The Valued Experience® service design framework utilizes the walk-a-mile method which is applied in two ways: one for the buyer and one for the seller.

When applied to the buyer, it allows us to fully understand the needs and wants of consumers. By doing this, we are able to support you in creating products and services that meet (and exceed) their expectations. When applied to the seller, it showcases the commitment a business should have to its team members. We believe in creating a work environment that is fair, respectful, and supportive. 

When you apply our holistic methodology to both parts of your business, business growth occurs.

  • By taking a holistic approach, our framework can help you get direction back, provide new insights, and drive long-term success with a strong foundation for growth.
  • You'll build fair and supportive offers that create a trusted environment for both your team, your consumers, and yourself which will maximize your success at every level.
  • Utilizing the walk-a-mile method will ensure you won't burnout or struggle with either customer or team retention. This methodology considers each person and it's something AI can't mimic.
  • The Valued Experience® service design framework will become a purposeful solution you'll use over and over again and become part of your business foundation.

Reimagine Your Service Experience Now.

Every Great Relationship Starts With A Conversation.

LET'S begin ours today.